Add an extra layer of protection to your Twitter Feed

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Getting Started

WatchTower 1.0 is available as a public trial right now!

To get started using WatchTower go to the ‘Get Started‘ tab, then visit WatchTower 1.0. Once there: authenticate with Twitter, customize your confidence tolerance (the lower the score the less confident WatchTower is that the users will be extremist), and run WatchTower.

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What Is WatchTower

Extended Blocking

Block violent extremism, hate speech, and misinformation before it reaches your feed.

Tune It To Fit You

Set the types of account you want to block and thresholds for how much undesirable content they share.

Public Beta

WatchTower 1.0 is a bit rough around the edges and so all feedback is welcome, let us know what you think.

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